The Great Commission because Bob the Builder can’t be all we’ve got…

Our computer teacher at the Denver Street School gave a simple assignment to her students last October: Write a letter to someone who has been a positive influence in your life. Later that afternoon, she sat in our weekly staff meeting and explained that the majority of her students took the assignment to heart and... Continue Reading →

Hope is here!

"When my plans didn't work out, I went back to the only thing I knew... selling my body for money." Unfortunately, Jessica* isn't the only girl to say these words. In fact, there's an epidemic of hopelessness that's plaguing young women, and unless we intervene and offer hope, they may not see any way to... Continue Reading →

But then I found DSS…

We exist to see lives change. Sometimes all a student needs is to connect with an adult who reminds them of who they are, and encourages their potential. That's what we do at the Denver Street School. Meet Jack... "I started using drugs when I was 10-years-old. And by the time I was 14, I... Continue Reading →

Hope Matched

On December 9th when you donate to the Denver Street School through the Colorado Gives Day website, your donation will be generously matched by 1stBank, thus allowing your money to have double to impact, just like the Street School has had in the Silva family! ~ Deja is a product of generational hope. Nineteen years... Continue Reading →

Unsticking the stuck

Every once and a while, within the slight chaos that comes with teaching at the Street School, God gives our staff tiny glimpses into what He is doing within the hearts of our students. ~ A few weeks ago, I walked outside during E block to find Blair* sitting alone by the dumpster. When I... Continue Reading →

What Family Does…

There's a sign that hangs on my classroom door that reads: IN THIS SCHOOL: We do thank yous. We do I'm sorrys. We do praise. We do lots of tests. We do laughter. We do mistakes. We do respect. We do happiness. We do dreams. We do peace. We do growing. We do hard work.... Continue Reading →

A New Creation

(The East Campus staff with Corey at his Baptism.) Written by Corey -- East Campus senior The Denver Street School has changed my life in many ways. It has gotten me closer to God, and in doing so it has also gotten me closer to everyone around me. There are many occasions that stuck out... Continue Reading →

Teaching About A Father’s Love

Some days, I love my job with my whole heart. Some days, I leave the school after classes end with a broken heart and simply weep for the brokenness of my students. The first Thursday back at school after Christmas Break , the one when Tre* finally opened up to me during study hall, was... Continue Reading →

Turning Hard Times into Good Times…

It has certainly been a year for the books. In honor of our last day of school, we are re-debuting our 2012-2013 music video! Special thanks to Kathryn Bronn of Simple Life Photography and Cheri Luciano of Panic Attack Pictures for all their dedication and hard work! It is because of your vision and love... Continue Reading →

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