Evening of Stars (In more than one way)

This is my 13th year working at the Denver Street School, and being here that long as afforded me the opportunity to see miraculously changed lives. And while those of us who work at the school have had a front row seat to see God's hand in the lives of these troubled students... others haven't.... Continue Reading →


Patience and Pre-Algebra…?

Carrie Sutton – West Campus Math Teacher What seemed like a disruptive teenager not particularly interested in math was really a young man who was bored and in need of a challenge. Although he completed his Geometry assignments, his side comments weren’t helping his classmates stay focused. In hopes to channel Sean’s energy and personality... Continue Reading →

Cooking Around the World

Kacy Leyba -- Electives Teacher, West Campus As a former Street School student, I know what it’s like to be clueless in a kitchen. So, when I felt God calling me to teach a cooking class this year, a small part of me went into panic mode. Sauté, flambé, boil, broil; At the beginning of... Continue Reading →

2012 Summer Discipleship Retreat

Amanda Hockmuth, Director of Development During the month of June, the Denver Street School students went to the Outfitters for Christ (OFC) Ranch, an outdoor adventure mentorship program located in Yampa, Colorado. First the girls, then the boys spent a week in this incredible program. I had the privilege of being 1 of the 3... Continue Reading →

Hunger Games

Breeze Marker -- English Teacher, West Campus Recently, I took my eleventh grade students to see The Hunger Games.  Their assignment was to predict the differences between the movie and book.  Did you see the movie after reading the book?  If so, feel free to stop by and read some of the students' reviews of... Continue Reading →

“Only At DSS”

Christina Schmitzler -- English Teacher, East Campus That saying has become a running joke at the school, used by students and teachers alike. The situations it is applied to run the gamut from the humorous to the heartbreaking. We’ve all had our own “Only at DSS” moments, but here are some of my favorites: The... Continue Reading →

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